Must Have Kitchen Tools

For a kitchen to have that “kitchen feel” it requires some important kitchen tools. Once the necessary tools are in place, the kitchen feels like an easy and enjoyable place to work. So what are must have kitchen tools? These are those tools that are a necessity in any kind of kitchen to ensure effective and efficient food preparation.

To understand this in a better way, let us look at some of the must have kitchen tools that a standard kitchen should have

Investing in a quality set of knives is essential for your kitchen. The three most important knives are the Chef’s knife, serrated knife, and the preparing knife. They are used in kitchen basics and you cannot afford not having them.

Cutting Board
A basic and simple tool you need in your kitchen is the cutting board. Almost every time you walk into your kitchen to fix a meal you might have to use it. It is therefore important to invest in durable ones. Having two is an advantage, one for produce and cooked food, and the other for raw protein.

You will need some stainless steel skillets of varying sizes, a stock pot, and saucepans. Nonstick Pans are also a great idea and also good for beginners in cooking. Remember not to use metal kitchen utensils together with nonstick pans.

This is another kitchen tool that is often used. Especially when you need to whisk together sauces, desserts, eggs, salads, and a bunch of other things.

You will most likely need one to grate some ingredients when preparing a meal. Investing in a quality multipurpose grater is ideal compared to having different types.

An important tool when it comes to cutting up meat, whole chicken, stems of flowers or even herbs among others.

Tongs are important especially when performing basic tasks such as turning meat on the grill or in skillets. They are also good when tossing and turning salads as well as to mix things in a pan.

Wooden spoons
Wooden spoons are essential especially when stirring in pot and pans. They are more popular for use and are also good if you have nonstick skillets. Once they begin to wear out, make sure to replace them as they might crack in your food.

Vegetable peeler
Peeling with a knife is a skill to study or you might end up cutting yourself. Vegetable peelers make the work easy, quick, and safe
when peeling almost anything. Peelers come in different styles and you can choose what best suits you.

Measuring spoons and cups
Measuring of ingredients is an important aspect when it comes to following strict recipes and almost compulsory when baking. Measuring spoons and cups are necessary to perform such task.

Mixing bowls
It is common sense you will need some mixing bowls for mixing the goodies you have invested your energy on. They come in different sizes and materials like plastic, metal, glass, and ceramic.

Instant-Read Thermometer
This is an essential tool, especially when preparing meat or poultry so as to ensure that they are properly cooked or as per what temperature is recommended.

If you decide to go through kitchen tools today, you will be amazed to find what a big list you would come up with. But what you have here are the essential tools that a kitchen should have for efficiency.


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