How to sharpen kitchen knives

It doesn’t matter what type of knife you purchase, sooner or later its edge will deteriorate. This is as true for the top of the professional line knives that you get from a high-quality manufacturer with a long tradition in delivering quality knives (such as Buck, Becker, or Spyderco) as for your run of the mill Walmart knife. There are many reasons knives start to get a dull edge after a period, but since the process is inevitable, it’s more important to focus on how to get your knife sharpened back to its factory level quality rather than trying to prevent it.

There are 3 ways you can keep your kitchen knives sharpened, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most common one is to send the knives to a professional knife sharpener and have him take care of the sharpening process. This can either be the official knife manufacturer, as most manufacturers nowadays offer the option to send the knives back to them every couple of months to refresh the blades, or can be a local knife sharpener that has the proper tools to get the job done. This is usually the most expensive option but it is hassle free and there is nothing for you to learn or risk doing it wrong. Despite the price, which is usually quite affordable for a lot of people, its main downside is the time it takes to ship the knives and receive them back. Since usually people sharpen their knives in bulk, they do not want to stay a couple of days without any of them in their kitchen so they look for alternate solutions.

The second way is to manually sharpen your knife using a traditional wet stone or steel. This has been the de facto mode of having your knives sharpened for a long time, and there are still some people that can probably initiate you in the art of sharpening your knives with a stone. This method is very affordable, the least expensive one from the ones we cover here, but it requires a significant amount of time invested in both learning the skill as well as the actual sharpening process. For those that have a lot of time on their hands and would like to give it a try it’s an excellent alternative.

The third way is the most modern way of using an electric kitchen knife sharpener to have your knives sharpened back to perfection. Unlike a wet stone, an electrical knife sharpener can consistently get you a razor sharp edge and in some cases, even a better than factory edge, depending on the type of knife you use. With an electrical knife sharpener, there is no need to worry about the right angle for sharpening or the minutiae of other details that you need to be familiar with if you are sharpening your knives manually since most electrical knife sharpeners come equipped with predefined angles guides and instructions manuals. We consider this to be the best alternative, but any method presented here should be more than enough for basic knife sharpening, and we hope you are going to pick one and maintain the good habit of sharpening your knives regularly.



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